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We provide a comprehensive suite of automation solutions along a continuum that ranges from a wide selection of field devices and control hardware/software, to final control elements, which improve manufacturing quality, increase plant efficiency, and reduce operating costs. Furthermore, our capabilities go far beyond product distribution. We are a true solution provider, who can play a key role in delivering the technologies and the value-add services that our customers need to run their production processes better, and become more profitable and competitive.

The Empresas Norte Sur Group has a long history of systems integration and automation project execution experience. We provide turn-key solutions, that are conceptualized, designed and managed under a standardized methodology, following strict Quality Asurance procedures, and observing Safety, Health and Environmental regulations and best practices.

Following the preferences and the standards of our customers�, as well as the requirements specific to each application, we use the products and components manufactured by our principals and other important vendors to integrate heterogeneous solutions. Such systems may include, among other things, measurement and analytical instrumentation, data acquisition solutions, signal conditioning devices, field buses, wireless communications, advanced process and logic controllers, supervisory and control software, human-machine interfaces, control valves and other final elements.

We can integrate complex solutions that require multidiscipline design and construction efforts, by seamlessly combining our core competencies in the fields of instrumentation, process control and industrial automation, with the capabilities of strategic partners that specialize in various engineering disciplines.Here is a reduced list of some of the turn-key applications that we have developed over the years:

  1. Process Control Systems (PCSs)
  2. Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESDs)
  3. Fire & Gas Systems (FGSs)
  4. Burner Management Systems (BMSs)
  5. Boiler Management Systems (BMSs)
  6. Turbo-machinery Control Systems
  7. Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition Systems (SCADAs)
  8. Metering Stations and other skid-mounted measurement and control solutions
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